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Introduction to Sea Island Marine Engineering

Posted on Jun 09 in Member Blog

Sea Island Marine Engineering provides naval architecture services including lift charts for cranes on barges, vessel stability checks, design & construction, modification and salvage work. Our work is performed to American Bureau of Shipping Rules, CFR-46, and OSHA requirements.

Within FMCA we have provided Honc Docks and Stokes Marine crane barge load charts to CFR and OSHA requirements. When a crane is mounted on a barge it must be re-rated to account for barge stability and dynamic motions. We typically get a call to rate crane barges for government or military jobs. A certified load chart is also a requirement for insurance which is often overlooked until requested.

If you have a requirement or just want to discuss an idea please feel free to reach out. We are pleased to be a new member of FMCA and look forward to attending the annual conference.

Roger Guérard
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