Florida Marine Contractors Association
a Florida Non Profit Corporation


Mission Statement of the Florida Marine Contractors Association

“To support, promote, and educate the professional marine construction industry in the State of Florida”.

FMCA’s positions on Manatee Protection: *If sound science supports it, so do we. * If sound science doesn’t support it neither do we.

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President’s Letter


Welcome to the official website of the Florida Marine Contractors Association (FMCA). The Association was developed to unite professional marine contractors and other industries that supply and support these contractors. The first association of its kind in the United States, it was started in 1999 by a group of marine contractors who wanted to improve our profession. Our industry is unique with regards to the materials and products utilized, equipment requirements, environment in which it is conducted, and the regulations imposed upon it. As such, we understand the importance of building relationships amongst ourselves, sharing knowledge, finding good products to install, and working with regulators.

The mission statement of FMCA is: To support, promote, and educate the professional marine construction industry in the State of Florida. To this end we have been active in advancing the causes of our industry that had been previously neglected.

The FMCA has been active in the Florida marine construction world over the years. We initiated the creation of the 6006F workers compensation class code because we were being misclassified and placed in much higher cost codes. We initiated and were instrumental in the development of the Florida Certified Marine Contractors License. Not only did the FMCA work with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to propose the scope of the license and get it included in the Florida Statutes, our membership has been the primary contributor in the development of the test given statewide for the exam. We have developed a close relationship with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in order to assist them in regulating our industry more uniformly throughout the State along with encouraging them to create and increase the use of the online self-certification program. Additionally, we are aligning with them on creating and promoting a more sustainable waterfront.

As a member you can network with other contractors who are not direct competitors. Sharing knowledge and experience is a natural way to increase your capabilities and business growth. It provides the opportunity to create partnerships between companies around the state. The Association also has membership classes for companies who support the contractors such as product suppliers, services, and professionals. Becoming a member of these classes increases your exposure to more potential clients and provides a measure of credibility to those interested in your services. Additionally, there is a class reserved for homeowners. This class is meant to be a conduit for waterfront property owners to support an organization that has their interests at heart. Our relationships and credibility with regulatory agencies provide us an avenue of dialogue that may not otherwise be possible.

The Association welcomes benefits that our vendors can supply to members. This can increase your exposure to new customers, increase your business with existing customers, and provide non-members more reasons to join.

As with any organization it grows stronger through the addition, retention, and participation of its membership. Employing the Aesop fable adage, ‘united we stand divided we fall’, it is easy to recognize the logic of our purpose. If you aren’t a member and want additional tools to improve your business you should consider joining us. If you are a member and aren’t sharing in the benefits of your membership, we ask that you become more active. As with most organizations, the more you participate the more you get out of it. Be a part of something great, become an active FMCA member.


Casey Cass

President, FMCA

Vice President, Ferreira Construction Co