Florida Marine Contractors Association
a Florida Non Profit Corporation

About Us

Organization of the Board of Directors

Florida Marine Contractors Association, Inc. is a Florida not-for-profit corporation.

Beginning with the election to be held in October, 2008, the Board of Directors will consist of four directors elected “at large” and six chapter directors, elected by their chapter membership. These ten directors, the past president, and the executive director if any, comprise the Board.

With the exception of the President, Vice President and Past President, who must be contractor members, all other Board positions are open to any FMCA member.

Once the Board of Directors is elected, the Board assigns each of the four “at large” directors to one of the four officerships: the President, Vice President, Second Vice President, and Secy-Treasurer.

The four officers, with the executive director serving as a non-voting member, constitute the Executive Committee, which has the authority to manage Association business between quarterly Board Meetings.

The sitting President, upon completion of his or her term, assumes the position of Past President.

In order to ensure contractor control of the Association, the President, Vice President, and Past President are each afforded three votes on matters before the Board. All other Officers and Directors have one vote each.

The Executive Director is a retained officer if one is in place. The Board meets quarterly to set goals, approve strategic plans, establish policy, and otherwise direct the efforts of the Association. The Executive Committee has authority to act between Board meetings, with decisions ad referendum to the Board. The President has authority to appoint all ad hoc and standing committee members.