Florida Marine Contractors Association
a Florida Non Profit Corporation


Professional Members are individuals or firms providing professional services to the industry. Search this category to find architects, engineers, consultants, accountants, insurers, permitting experts, and attorneys.

Amerisafe 2301 Hwy 190 W
DeRidder, LA
Contact: Mr Tyson Reed
Member Since: November, 2005
Phone: 800-897-9719 ext. 3380
Fax: 800-450-1091
Email: aiic-mktg@amerisafe.com
Website: http://www.amerisafe.com/

Amerisafe is experienced in providing Workers’ Compensation Insurance to the toughest class of business there is – low frequency, high severity accounts.

HILB Group of Florida, LLC 3438 Colwell Avenue
Tampa, Florida
Contact: Tom Burgess
Member Since: 2017
Phone: (813) 636-4000
Email: tburgess@hilbgroup.com
Website: www.hilbgroupofflorida.com/

Commercial/Marine Insurance Agency

Kelly White & Associates Insurance, LLC P.O. Box 6340
Jacksonville, FL
Contact: Mrs. Kelly White, CRIS
Member Since: September, 2005
Phone: 904.880.8881
Fax: 904.239.5443
Email: kelly@kwhiteinsurance.com
Website: http://www.kwhiteinsurance.com/

Insurance agency specializing in insuring/bonding
marine contractors and heavy construction projects.  To include, but not
limited to, Workers Compensation, USL&H, Jones Act, Marine General
Liability, Protection & Indemnity, Hull and Contractor’s Equipment.

Cell Phone:


LIG Marine Managers 111 2nd Avenue NE, Suite 1101
St. Petersburg, FL
Contact: Mr. Mike McFarland
Member Since: June, 2003
Phone: 727-578-2800
Fax: 727-578-9977
Email: Mike.McFarland@LIGMarine.com
Website: http://www.ligmarine.com

Commercial marine insurance specialist offering Longshore, Jones Act and related products

Manson Bolves, P.A. 1101 W. Swann Ave.
Tampa, Florida
Contact: Steven R. Medendorp
Member Since: 2013
Phone: (813) 514-4700
Fax: (813) 514-4701
Email: smedendorp@mansonbolves.com
Website: http://www.mansonbolves.com/

Law firm with experience in Marine Structures.

McLaren Engineering Group 5728 Major Blvd. Suite 603
Orlando, Florida
Contact: Andrew Habel
Member Since: 2016
Phone: (407) 354-5411
Email: ahabel@mgmclaren.com
Website: http://www.mgmclaren.com/

We are marine and coastal engineers. Our team of design specialists and underwater inspectors offer clients full engineering services for marine structures, inspection, design, or construction management tasks. We have extensive experience in commercial, recreational and industrial projects ranging from small dock projects to port terminal complexes.

Nielson Hoover & Company 1000 Central Ave. Suite 200
St. Petersburg, FL
Contact: Daniel Oaks
Member Since: 2016
Phone: 727-209-1803
Fax: 727-209-1335
Email: doaks@nielsonbonds.com
Website: http://www.nielsonbonds.com/

Surety Bond Agency

Ryen Marine Insurance Group, Inc. 221 S Ocean Drive, Suite C
Fort Pierce, Florida
Contact: Sue Ryen
Member Since: 2018
Phone: (772) 242-1045
Fax: (772) 882-9856
Email: sue@insuremarine.com
Website: http://www.insuremarine.com/

Commercial Marine Insurance: MGL, HULL, P&I, EQUIPMENT, WC, USL&H, JONES ACT. *Ryen Marine Insurance Group, Inc. was formed in 2017 as successor to the former agency, Paul Lynch & Associates, Inc.