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TRULINE – The Ultimate Dock Pile

Posted on Apr 22 in Member Blog

Introducing the ultimate dock pile by Truline — Build better dock piles with the same material used to build long-lasting seawalls.

– Eliminates the typical wood piles used for many docks and increases the life expectancy of the dock to match the seawall.
– Same color and appearance as the Truline seawall parts.
– Vinyl-clad, steel-reinforced concrete dock pile driven with the same methods and equipment as the seawall or bulkhead.
– Lighting, bumpers and other accessories can be easily added or integrated into the dock pile.
– Use to build fish tables, light poles, water supply, power stations, and more.

Call Shawn Maher at (239) 776-2061 for more information.

New case on maritime law claims against marine contractor

Posted on Apr 19 in Member Blog

This is a significant for members of FMCA. The Florida appellate court ruled that the prevailing plaintiff in a negligence action grounded in admiralty is not entitled to recover attorney’s fees because such recovery is not allowed in federal admiralty law. Plaintiff had sued the company that designed and installed her boat lift for damages to the vessel. Loss of use, and diminution of value. After defendant rejected her offers of settlement, she also claimed for her attorney’s fees, as allowed by state law. The court refused to award attorneys fees under the state statute because the plaintiffs claim was based on federal admiralty/maritime law Marco Marine Construction v. Kopras, No. 2D17-1734 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App., April 17, 2019) [https://www.2dca.org/content/download/523642/5817364/file/171734_39_04172019_08414708_i.pdf]

For Sale – Ready To Work

Posted on Mar 20 in Member Blog

We have the following items available:

– 2000 8″ Nessie Dredge – Model N8DX – $85,000
– 1993 10″ DSC Shark Dredge with Caterpillar 3406B – $275,000
– 10″ Booster Pump with Caterpillar 3406A – $55,000
– 2005 5012 12″ IMS Dredge with Star Drive – $200,000
– A-Frame Barge – $18,000

We also have 10″ and 12″ Pipeline available for sale – Price on request.

Contact Danielle May with questions or for more information:
904-923-2762 (c)
904-748-0050 (o)

For Sale: Floating Docks & Pilings

Posted on Mar 19 in Member Blog

We have the following items for sale, delivered straight to your location:

Bellingham Docks –
Estimated 591 Feet of 7′ Docks – 7 Foot Bellingham Docks with 4 Foot Molded Side – $144,795
Estimated 510 Feet of 4′ x 3′ Deep Finger Piers – $71,400
*All Bellingham Floats listed built in 2009.

Florida Floats –
Estimated 1,598 Sqft of 3′ 7″ Wide Floats – $42,903
Estimated 768 Sqft of 4′ Wide Floats – $23,040
Estimated 72 Sqft of 6′ Wide Floats – $2,304

Pilings –
51 Concrete Pilings at an estimated 60′ Long, 18″ Square – $25/LF


For more information/questions contact:
Danielle May
904-923-2762 (c)
904-748-0050 (o)

Pre-qualification of Contractors for City of Miami Construction Projects

Posted on Jan 11 in Member Blog


If you are not currently register as a City of Miami supplier, please visit the link below and follow the easy instruction to register today.

Register here

If you are already registered as a City supplier, please apply below to set up ACH Direct Deposit.

Apply for ACH/Direct Deposit

Please contact the Department of Procurement for any additional information or visit our website below.