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HB735 Unintended Consequences – CILB is Resolving – Donations Needed!!!

Posted on Oct 11 in Member Blog

Good Morning Membership,

As of October 2023 the Association has spent $47,500 fighting the unintended consequences of HB735. Construction Industry Licensing Board is working on the Grandfathering language and development of other Specialty Licenses to undo the unintended consequences, however we still have some more work to do. We will have approximately 4 more meetings to attend and possible additional legislative work in 2024.

Our Association is small and is difficult for us to absorb the cost, however the Board understood it had no choice but to budget the money on something so impactful to not only our locally licensed contractors but a great deal of other’s as well.

So, while I am happy to say we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the Save A Dock fund balance is getting low. We can only sustain about 3-4 more months and we will be out of funding for the fight. I am asking you to please donate to the Save A Dock fund so that we can replenish the account, as well as have enough money to see this fight to the end!

If you have questions or would like to donate via a credit card, please call me at 904-553-5189!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Kelly White
Executive Director

FMCA Expo! Last Minute Contractors-sign up

Posted on Sep 27 in Member Blog

We have the show completely sold out with vendors and new products! We have room for some last minute contractors to sign up today.

We will have some new products that this will be first time introduced to the marine contractors. You do not want to miss it.

OSHA workshop on Friday, the rules/regs of operating equipment from the topside of the barge.

Reach out to Kelly White at 904-553-5189 or kelly@kwhiteinsurance.com today before 5pm if you are a CONTRACTOR and would like to register for October 6th & 7th.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week.

Executive Director
Kelly White

2023 FMCA Sponsorship Opportunity! Hospitality Suite

Posted on Sep 08 in Member Blog

Good Morning all,

We have a sponsorship opportunity available. It’s great for the vendor’s to host the Hospitality Suite. If you would like to host the Hospitality Suite or would like more information, please reach out to me at 904-553-5189 or kelly.white@myfmca.org.

We are also looking for raffle give a ways for the Saturday morning raffle drawings. All proceed go to help offset the Expo cost. Please email me with information on items you have available to donate again at 904-553-5189 or kelly.white@myfmca.org.

looking forward to seeing everyone next month!

Please do not forget to register today if you plan to attend, as registration closes September 14th!!

Kelly White
Executive Director

Sunstream Helix-P Press Release

Posted on Sep 01 in Member Blog

For Immediate Release:
August 24, 2023 Julie Gazda
Sunstream Boat Lifts


Industry-Leader in Hydraulic Lifts Aims to Re-Imagine Waterfront Landscape
Kent, Wash. – Sunstream® Boat Lifts, the leading manufacturer of high-quality free-standing and free-floating boat lifts and the SwiftShield™ Automatic Boat Cover System, announced today the company has completely reimagined what a cable boat lift should be. The first in a new range of cable boat lifts, the Sunstream Helix line, the new Helix-P piling lift combines unprecedented hydraulic speed with an attractive hidden cable lift structure and a sleek, modular power supply. Helix delivers a refined aesthetic with easier boarding, increased reliability and safety, reduced noise and launching and lifting speeds as fast as 15 seconds.
“We are constantly innovating to give boaters the experience they want,” said Ken Hey, CEO of Sunstream Boat Lifts. “We didn’t approach the design of Helix-P to do a better version of what everyone else is doing, but to change the way you think about your boat lift and how it can enhance your boating experience, as well as how you show off your boat and your waterfront property. The Helix line and our first model to be released, the Helix-P, was designed with a minimalist aesthetic to showcase your trophies while making it easier and more enjoyable to use. Helix-P is an invitation to go boating more often and have more fun!”
The Helix-P is constructed of a thick marine-grade aluminum structure to provide superior stiffness and stainless-steel hardware to prevent corrosion. There are no visible motors, electrical work, or gearboxes; pilings are low with no side beams, opening views for a more pleasing aesthetic. Because of its unique configuration, Helix-P can be installed with as little as a five-inch gap between a dock and boat, which means easier and safer loading and unloading. Lubricated stainless steel ball bearings increase speed while decreasing noise and reducing friction on the torque tube. Sunstream’s unique rubber-capped aluminum Superbunks™ provide durable yet soft cushioning to protect and support the boat’s hull. The frame has non-slip striping on top for safety and a pleasing appearance, and optional Storm Surge Inserts can be added quickly to raise a boat an additional 24-inches. The Helix-P cradle locks in the “up” position to prevent swinging in the wind, reducing cable fatigue and extending cable life. Since it does not use independent port and starboard motors, re-leveling is greatly reduced.
The unique Sunstream Power SystemTM (SPS) enables users to combine up to two different hydraulic DC powerpacks of 6 HP or 12 HP to increase power up to 24 HP to produce speeds twelve times faster than typical piling lifts. The SPS also provides a backup power source for enhanced reliability with sealed non-maintenance batteries. A single powerpack can be shared among multiple Sunstream lifts or SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover Systems to provide a cost-effective, clutter-free power solution. Unlike other lifts, Helix-P can be plugged in to an extension cord, with only 6A of 110V power (3A of 220V for international customers) and does not require 220V power mounted on the lift or routed underwater, for added safety and reliability.
The Helix-P advanced control system adds to the excitement and fun of boating. A proprietary mobile app enables the lift to be controlled from a smartphone, giving users the convenience of always having their remote control with them. This high-speed lift accelerates and decelerates for smooth operation and a double click feature brings to the boat to predetermined stops so it can be customized to the dock. A reliable encoder revolution counter inside the motor eliminates the need for vulnerable and unreliable limit switches and enables multiple intermediate stopping points for the ultimate in user control.
Available in four sizes, the Helix-P can accommodate vessels from 8,000 to 24,000 pounds.
For more information on the Sunstream Helix-P, Sunstream or its complete line of high-quality boat lifts and accessories, please call (253) 395-0500, or visit www.sunstreamboatlifts.com.

About Sunstream Corp:
Sunstream Corporation, based in Seattle Washington, is the leading portable hydraulic boat lift, hoist, and automatic boat cover system manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1996, Sunstream has been recognized multiple times for their innovation and fast growth. www.sunstreamboatlifts.com

FMCA Expo – Sponsor Line up

Posted on Aug 02 in Member Blog

Grand Sponsor
ICE – International Construction Equipment, Inc.

Gold Sponsor
JD Fields & Company

Silver Sponsor
Pile Master
Kelly White & Associates Insurance, LLC

Bronze Sponsor
Atlas Insurance Agency
Performance Personnel Services
TRULINE® – The Ultimate Seawall®

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors! They are the reason we can have this Annual Event! Our Grand Sponsor contribution allows us to have open bar for both Friday & Saturday evening events!

Please be sure to reach out to all of them and say Thank You for making this EXPO possible!