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Coast Seawall Dock & Boatlifts

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Coast Seawall Dock & Boatlifts is a fully licensed and insured, family Marine Construction company based in Jupiter, Florida. We service both Palm Beach and Martin County. Our owner, Mike Duncan, has been a licensed Marine Contractor since 1979 with over 45 years of experience. Coast Seawall Dock & Boatlift’s scope of work includes seawalls, docks, boat lifts, rock revetments, dredging, and more.

Hurricane Preparation provided by Golden Marine Systems

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PDF to download: https://goldenmarinesystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Marina-Hurricane-Prep.pdf

Marina Preparation for a hurricane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLtOiHdmzSY

For more information: https://goldenmarinesystems.com/resources/

SB 1142 – signed into law by Governor

Posted on May 30 in Member Blog

Dear Membership,

The CILB has had a challenge in creating new state license’s, test and overall obligation that was assigned to them by Legislature to correct the unintended consequences of HB 735. As a result SB 1142 has been approved & signed into law extending HB 735’s date and CILB’s obligations to July 1, 2025. This is party due to the fact that the CILB is unable to process grandfathering of Local Licenses in time for the July 1, 2024 expiration for some local specialty licenses.

Please reach out to your local licensing department, if they are one of the departments that were allowing licenses to expire and request that they extend their local licenses to July 1, 2025 based on the signing of SB 1142.


Your association is working hard to protect your ability to continue working. This is further proof that we, the Florida Marine Contractor’s Association Board are pressing forward to rectify the licensing issues created by HB 735.

Your support has never been needed more. Please consider donating to the Save a Dock fund in order to help offset our lobbyist cost.

Thank you,
Kelly White
Executive Director

Local Licensing Grandfather language has been finalized by the CILB

Posted on Feb 05 in Member Blog

The Grandfathering provision will read as follows:

(5) Applicants for licensure in any of the speciality licenses pursaunt to rule 61G4-15.100(1)(a) through (m), F.A.C., are exempt
from examination provided they meet the following requirements:
(a) As of June 30, 2023, holds a valid registered local license or competency card in any Florida Jurisdiction in one of the
speciality license types listed above;
(b) Has not had said license or competency card disciplined within the last five (5) years, and said license or competency card is
not currently pending discipline; and
(d) Has, for the requested license type, passed a written examination that the board finds to be substantially similar to the
examination required to be licensed as a certified speciality contractor as enumerated above. For the purposes of this subsection, a
written, proctored examination produced by the National Assessment Institute, Block and Associates, NAI/Block, Experior
Assessments, Professional Testing, Inc, or Assessment Systems, Inc., shall be considered to be substantially similar to the required
Rulemaking Authority

This is very exciting for our locally licensed contractors!!

Call me with any questions or concerns at 904-553-5189.

Kelly White
Executive Director

OSHA Workshop – Answers to questions Expo 2023

Posted on Oct 30 in Member Blog

Good Morning,

I spoke with John Vos, OSHA regarding questions during the workshop.

Q) Can a inflatable with a motor be used for a rescue skiff?
A) Yes, providing it is already inflated and easy to deploy.

Q) Can a boat/skiff with paddles be used for a rescue skiff?
A) Depends on the conditions. If it’s a strong current or large body of water that would be difficult to get too in the event of an injured worker floating away, then no. However, if you are on an small tributary with little to know current or tide swing, they paddles could possibly be utilized. It will be specific to the job site and conditions.

Q) Can a push boat be used for a rescue skiff?
A) Yes, if the push boat is easy to detach and have in a position to navigate in a very quick turn around to rescue an injured employee.

Please note in all scenario’s, there must be an employee on board of the rescue vessel that is First Aid certified and it must be a vessel that the employee (s) are able to gain access to the injured employee and provide first aid. That also means there must be a first aid kit on noted “rescue vessel”.

A plan of action should be written, discussed and employee’s trained prior to an incident happening. It is recommended that multiple team members should be First Aid certified.

John Vos – OSHA 912-652-4754.

Kelly White
Executive Director