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Email Scams – intercepting emails

Posted on Mar 15 in Member Blog

Good Afternoon Membership,

We recently found out about a couple of our members having their emails intercepted by scammers. In one instance an email with wiring instructions had been intercepted. Fortunately, the sender called the recipient and verified bank information, which was incorrect. In a second incident, wiring instructions were sent to a contractor for vendor payment, however it wasn’t from the vendor, but rather a scammer.

We are hearing about more of these types of situations. Please be cautious, call the person you are wiring/ACHing payments too, to confirm the information, request that anyone you do business with call you and confirm your wiring/ACH info before sending as well. Other suggestions we have received are two factor authentication on your email settings, regularly check your rules settings under your email for forwarding orders you didn’t setup, firewalls, and running various virus software, malware, spyware software (to include browsers), as well as removing any/all software that allows outsiders to call into your computer. Hackers love these programs and they can gain access to all of your data in a few clicks.

We recommend consulting an outside IT person, however wanted to share what we have discovered so far. Be safe and diligent! Don’t let others steal your hard end money.

Kelly White, ED