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Follow up on State House bill by State Rep Dana Trabulsy

Posted on Mar 14 in Member Blog

State Rep. Dana Trabulsy (R-St. Lucie) has asked if we can help her efforts. She has introduced a bill (HB 1383) that she hopes will address our contractor licensing issue. The bill will need to be amended during the process to address our issues. Rep. Trabulsy has said she is committed to work with the FMCA to help resolve this matter during this Session of the State Legislature. State Sen. Keith Perry (R-Alachua) has introduced a companion bill in the Senate.

She has asked the Florida Marine Contractors Assoc to encourage their members to call State Rep. Tyler Sirois (R-Brevard County), who is the Chair of the State House Regulatory Reform & Economic Development Subcommittee and encourage him to bring up the bill for markup and to move the bill out of Committee and through the legislative process in the State House.

His office number in Tallahassee: (850)717-5031
His district office in Merritt Island: (321)449-5111

Below are links to his office website:


Message to State Rep. Tyler Sirois:
“Please work with Rep. Trabulsy to help her move HB 1383 out of your Subcommittee. It is vital to the Contracting industry that the State Legislature act this year on this matter. This action is needed to counter many counties which have misinterpreting HB 735 (passed in 2021) and plan to close down their contractor licensing departments on July 1, 2023. The legislature needs to act this session to avoid chaos in the contracting business later this year.”

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional background.