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HB 735 Update

Posted on Apr 28 in Member Blog

While attending a Republican Women’s Club of Duval Federated event, I had the opportunity to speak with Representative Fischer regarding HB 735 and the unintended consequences. Rep Fischer was on the committee for the bill and was surprised when I advised him about the numerous counties that are sunsetting their licenses and closing their local county licensing divisions. I submitted an outline to his staff yesterday, as well as, documentation from several of the county websites. We are awaiting a response, but he did agree that was not the intent of the bill, but rather to deregulate licensing requirements on “Occupational” types of licenses such as painting, interior trim carpentry, etc. and not to impact Building Contractor (technical/structural) or Tradesmen.

The Board is in the final stages of contracting with a Consulting firm to lobby on our behalf regarding this issue and several others. Please attend the EXPO on October 7th & 8th for discussions about where we are headed with the lobbying and provide suggestions on what is impacting your company.

I will be speaking at the Construction Industry Licensing Officials Association (CLOAF) on May 13th regarding the bill and the unintended consequences. I will update the membership with any feed back I receive from the meeting.

Stay tuned folks, looks like we maybe gaining some traction!!