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OSHA Workshop – Answers to questions Expo 2023

Posted on Oct 30 in Member Blog

Good Morning,

I spoke with John Vos, OSHA regarding questions during the workshop.

Q) Can a inflatable with a motor be used for a rescue skiff?
A) Yes, providing it is already inflated and easy to deploy.

Q) Can a boat/skiff with paddles be used for a rescue skiff?
A) Depends on the conditions. If it’s a strong current or large body of water that would be difficult to get too in the event of an injured worker floating away, then no. However, if you are on an small tributary with little to know current or tide swing, they paddles could possibly be utilized. It will be specific to the job site and conditions.

Q) Can a push boat be used for a rescue skiff?
A) Yes, if the push boat is easy to detach and have in a position to navigate in a very quick turn around to rescue an injured employee.

Please note in all scenario’s, there must be an employee on board of the rescue vessel that is First Aid certified and it must be a vessel that the employee (s) are able to gain access to the injured employee and provide first aid. That also means there must be a first aid kit on noted “rescue vessel”.

A plan of action should be written, discussed and employee’s trained prior to an incident happening. It is recommended that multiple team members should be First Aid certified.

John Vos – OSHA 912-652-4754.

Kelly White
Executive Director